Hospitality Advisory & Asset Management

We drive hospitality and tourism projects from feasibility study and concept inception to  implementation and post delivery sustainment. We pride ourselves for having an outstanding talent pool and capabilities to deliver on client’s expectations. We are geographically focussed on servicing our clients in emerging markets within the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

  • Hotels and Mixed-use development
  • Food & Beverages
  • Asset Management
  • Health & Wellness
  • Destination Planning and Activation
  • Tourism Infrastructure
  • Classification

Tailoring solutions for hotels and hotel operations that lead increased performance in Gross Operating Profit Per Room (GOPPAR). Mitigating risks with sensible cost controls ensuring the brand identity is both protected and rewarded.

Drive success by Optimal Operating Performances.

Drive success by Maximising Asset Value.

Drive success by Mitigating Business Risk.

Link ME  provides tailored advise that takes care to understand the business and visions of their clients. Our personal, yet unassuming approach to our clients enables a non emotional and stable relationship that works to both improve commercial business and relationships leading to success. We pride ourselves on being more then a consultation company. We see ourselves as part of your company supporting of your pillars and values to achieve your goals. Providing periodic reporting to the owner using clear web based desktop real time technology.

Being the owner or investor of a hospitality asset can be daunting prospect and highly rewarding prospect. Link ME through its asset management services take the complexities of operator management, management of revenue and costs, yielding and sales all the way  to physical management and preservation of the property and the human capital whilst always ensuring international best practice is followed.

A range comprehensive services that will improve your average check spend and reputation hand in hand. Whether it be a stand alone restaurant in need of strategy and positioning or a restaurant as part of larger operation, Link  ME uses a pool of talent with some of the most successful operations experience.

Recognising that health and staying healthy is at the top of everyone’s agenda Link ME partners with top talent to provide services that enable spa owners and operators to provide high quality services that ensure maximum efficiencies from the allocated space, making the customer service journeys and touch points as revenue centric as possible.

Planning and managing a successful destination takes focus. Link ME has first hand experience in the successful execution of ensuring that tourism assets are supported by  attractions and logistics that contribute to the overall draw of the destination. Forging relationships with municipalities and authorities.

Tourism Infrastructure I believe is such things like airports/train stations/seaports all the way to schools/hospitals and places of worship. This is all part of a master plan.

Working with tourism authorities to define classification systems in line with international standards. These can be improvements to current systems or developed for a developing market. Develop guidelines for authorities to give to hospitality developers to ensure their visions are realised. This in turn is attractive to operators when fitting their brand to the market.