Portfolio Design Strategy

Link ME provides a unique service that assists an owner to discover if their brand is strong enough to fulfil the company vision. By evaluating the brand heritage, architecture, positioning, strengths, capabilities and competitive advantages and aligning the outcomes with the business vision and objectives.

Having defined with the owner the findings, Link ME services will if necessary create or improve the brand identity, personality and emotion that aligns with the future vision.

Having created the brand identity Link ME will create the brand guidelines and operational standards of procedure associated to the brand. These are then trained to the staff and employees of the brand through a number of engagement sessions.

Customer Journey Mapping

Link ME team will design and monitor implementation of every customer experience touch point leading to a fulfilling journey. Amongst others, will advise on digital booking platform, setting guidelines for handling customer complaints, training staff on managing payment, ensure brand’s personality and DNA are in line with the vision. We identify and map all customer touch points, implement audit standards and monitor implementation.