Project management

Link ME provides management and coordination to hospitality projects, both greenfield and brownfield. Our experienced team will accompany you through the journey till completion. Coordination elements will include feasibility, project planning, design documentation review, costing support, scheduling, assessment of operational needs and establishing pre-project process.

Pre-opening planning

Whether it is a hotel, resort, SPA, or a touristic destination, our team will be involved with you at an early stage in the delivery process to ensure you meet your objectives.

Our span of services will include:

-Procurement of furniture, contract services and equipment including POS payment systems

-Preparation of pre-opening sales, marketing and operational plans

-Pre-opening budgeting

-Hiring and training of essential management staff training of development staff needs

-Advise and coordinate procurement of suppliers

Operator Management Agreement

Operator Management Agreements tend to concentrate on the time of the agreement and signature. Not enough time is given to future considerations or potential economical challenges. Link ME reviews and understands the current climate and future trends and with these builds a recommendation to the owner or makes necessary amendments or improvements to a current agreement. Link ME specialise in bringing harmony to the operator and owner relationship to enable the best results in the interest of both parties.