Weaving Cultures (WC)

Research indicates that one of the most impactful changes for organisations is Merger and Acquisition (M&A), it’s a time of uncertainty and adjustment. It’s a time that calls for good leaders to guide the organisation. This program is dedicated to support organisations during change and transformation time.

Most M&A teams are great at thinking through the legal, financial, and operational components of a transition but what can be missed is the people who are undergoing this change asking: Will I fit? How do I fit? Do I want to fit?

At LINK ME we fully understand those challenges, and through designing a hospitality inspired tailor made programs, we follow one of the following three approaches:

– Transform one of the cultures to align with the other.
– Combine the two cultures leveraging the strengths of each
– Create a new culture free of the stigma of either of the previous cultures.

At LINK ME we developed a three steps formula, UID, to achieve human integration success


Leadership Leap (LL)

Weaving Cultures (WC)

Leadership Rebrand (LR)