LINK ME have partnered with the world’s leadership organizations, “The Leadership Circle” and The Centre for Creative Leadership” to provide its clients with unique assessment tools for complete and integrated system for leadership development. We offers best-in-class assessment and development tools for individuals, groups, teams, and the entire organization.

1. The Leadership Circle:

The Leadership Circle offers breakthrough tools such as the Leadership Circle Profile™, which is a competency based 360° profile that measures two primary leadership domains—Creative leadership competencies and Reactive tendencies. In addition to Leadership Culture Survey™, which delivers a powerful “MRI” of your leadership culture.

2.The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL):

Pioneering the use of assessments and feedback in leadership development, CCL is a world leader in providing assessments that produce valid, reliable, and actionable results.

Benchmarks® Suite includes research-based 360-degree instruments with a consistent reporting format to help organizations create a common leadership language and consistent feedback process at multiple levels through Benchmarks® for Executives™ which is for C-suite and other top-level executives and Benchmarks® for Managers™ , which is dedicated for Middle- to senior-level managers and executives with at least three years of managerial experience.